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Love Collective

Love Collective is a weekly podcast about navigating love in the modern world.


Watch ThatCho dominate in games like Spellbreak & Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today on Twitch!

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Whether it’s through my live gaming content on Twitch, unboxing products on youtube or my latest reviews on beauty products, I am passionate about engaging with my audience and look forward to further connecting with you.


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Read Cho’s latest opinions on skincare, gaming, food, self-care, and much more.

My Holy Grail Skincare Products

My Holy Grail Skincare Products

I've been a lover of skincare products for several years now, and I've finally developed a concrete sense of the type of products I consider to be my holy grails. What is a "holy grail" product you ask? Historically, the holy grail is a mythical item that was coveted...

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30 Things I Accomplished In 2020

30 Things I Accomplished In 2020

I was hanging out in the Buy Me A Coffee discord channel and came across the best idea from a fellow creative. Her name is Jessica, and she's the founder of the blog Tech Biz Gurl! She helps people like you and I to optimize our side hustles so that they can be just...

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Love Collective

Your hosts are Lisa Wilmore, couples therapist and expert on millennial relationships and Cho, a Twitch Streamer, ASMRtist, and social media guru. They are two old friends chatting about life, love, and millennial mentality.

We feature interviews with guest experts in the field of love and romance. Our unique millennial perspective highlights the spirit of defining love on your own terms.

Love Collective

ThatCho on Twitch.tv

I started live-streaming my adventures on Twitch in 2017, and to this day, I am obsessed with the platform. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Pac-Man is my main) & Spellbreak are my favorite games to play. I love interacting with my community and Twitch allows me to do this most efficiently.

I also do product reviews, skin care, Stitch Fix unboxings, mukbangs and much more!

Visit my Twitch today to find my most popular gaming content as well as some non-gaming live content.

Cho shares a piece of his lifestyle by delivering you video content on skincare, gaming, and story-times. 

I started youtube in September of 2018 as yet another way to connect to my audience across various platforms. Entertainment had always been the focus of my content, but I wanted YouTube to be a little different.

While I started off my youtube career diving into the relaxing genre of ASMR, I now focus on more gaming and lifestyle content. You can expect hype montages of my gameplay, skincare tutorials and an assortment of hilarious story time videos among others. 

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