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My commentary on issues that matter to the greater skincare community from the perspective of a consumer advocate.

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Take a look through this directory to see my analysis on the sensorial experience and efficacy of various skincare products.

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My Holy Grail Skincare Products

My Holy Grail Skincare Products

I've been a lover of skincare products for several years now, and I've finally developed a concrete sense of the type of products I consider to be my holy grails. What is a "holy grail" product you ask? Historically, the holy grail is a mythical item that was coveted...

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30 Things I Accomplished In 2020

30 Things I Accomplished In 2020

I was hanging out in the Buy Me A Coffee discord channel and came across the best idea from a fellow creative. Her name is Jessica, and she's the founder of the blog Tech Biz Gurl! She helps people like you and I to optimize our side hustles so that they can be just...

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Cho is your modern-day muckraker for the skincare community, sharing his opinions on the news you need to know.

My youtube channel is focused on delivering the news regarding the skincare community. Interviews with industry leaders about their professional experiences, exposing influencer dishonesty and analyzing the business decisions of skincare brands are just some of the content you’ll see. I cover breaking news of all sorts, but at the heart of it all is a desire to advocate for average consumers like yourself while encouraging constructive conversation within our community.

Come for the tea, but stay for the conversation!

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