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Hi, I’m ThatCho! I am passionate about engaging and connecting with my audience.

I have been a total weeb since the 90s when popular anime such as Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z debuted in America. Naturally, I would choose a weeb name, right?! Cho loosely translates to the word butterfly which aptly describes me to a tee as I’m committed to socializing with my audience over a variety of platforms across the internet. It’s these genuine relationships that continue to motivate me. 

When I’m not on social media chatting away, I’m focused on producing some form of entertainment for my viewers. From creating episode recaps of the cult classic reality show, Survivor, blogging my hilarious misadventures with home renovations, to whispering into my microphone to produce ASMR content for relaxation, I’m always creating value for others.  

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Financial Literacy

Playing Games



Cho On

Most notably, I’ve has amassed a close-knit community through live streaming content on Twitch. I found my competitive spirit in fighting games in the 2000s playing the likes of Soul Calibur, Power Stone, Tekken and Marvel Super Heroes to name a few. Now, I’ve taken on Super Smash Bros as my primary game of choice with Pac-Man as my main fighter. Waka waka!


mukbangs, ASMR storytimes, and Stitch Fix Unboxings

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