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Hi, I’m Cho, and I’m passionate about connecting with my audience.

I have been a total weeb since the 90s when popular anime such as Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z debuted in America. Naturally, I would choose a weeb name, right?! Cho loosely translates to the word butterfly which aptly describes me as I’m committed to socializing with my audience over a variety of platforms across the internet. I’m always down for connecting deeper with new & future friends, and it’s these opportunities that continue to motivate me. 

When I’m not on social media gossiping, I’m focused on producing a variety of content for my following. I’m a beauty influencer within the skincare space that also does social commentary videos. Some of my current content include exposing influencers who take advantage of their audience, shining a light on brands that mislead customers and giving opinions on breaking industry news.

My Favorite Things

Giving My Unsolicited Opinions

Helping People Achieve Optimal Skincare

Playing Video Games

Advocating For Consumers

Cultivating Healthy Mindsets


The latest on what’s happening within the skincare community. Includes my Live Q&A sessions as well as interviews with industry leaders. 

Cho Reviews

Need help shopping? I’ve reviewed countless products that you will find valuable, all categorized seamlessly for easy access. 

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