Hey, it’s Cho, and I’m finally here with the meal subscription service that you should use! If you read last week’s post, you’d know that I got pretty angry at a particular brand. Yes, I’m still angry at them. You should be too. We definitely know which brand NOT to use, but what about the meal subscription service that I actually would recommend? Easy, you should use somebody local. Yep, that’s the post. See y’all next week. Just kidding! In today’s post, I’ll be explaining why you should use someone local as well as my personal experience using a fantastic company called 360 Fitness Meals. If you’re local to the state of Ohio or more specifically Columbus, you will be in for a treat! I’ll be quickly explaining the pros and cons of this service and why I foresee myself being a long time customer in the future.

Why Choose A Local Meal Subscription?

First off, if you’re unconvinced about trying a meal subscription service, please go back and read my post on why they can add value to your life. Like I explained previously, there’s a few major reasons why you should choose a meal subscription plan that is local. The biggest reason for me is the environmental impact. Getting your meals in heavy packaging with tons of plastic and Styrofoam is not ideal for Mother Earth. If 2020 is any indicator, homegirl’s had enough of us! The closer in proximity you are to the headquarters of whichever company you’re supporting, the less you have to be concerned about maintaining freshness through shipping.

The other big one for me is the fact that supporting a local meal subscription service means supporting your local economy. Those who know me irl know that I love supporting small locally owned businesses. Small business is paramount in any growing economy, large or small. I’d like to think this would be important to everyone. These companies are employing your neighbors, sourcing product from local farms and buying from local markets. When everyone in your community does well, it eventually cycles back to you in some form of value. I know this to be true.

360 Fitness Meals

I was immediately drawn to 360 Fitness Meals upon looking at their instagram page. You can see how tasty and fresh the food looks. After investigating their website as if the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, it’s obvious that their meals are geared towards people who want to live a fit healthy lifestyle. And even if you aren’t a fit person, doesn’t everyone want to act like one?! haha But seriously, you are able to customize your meals based on portion size and frequency of meals. At first, it was bit overwhelming for me to get started because of the sheer amount of options. It can be a bit confusing choosing the right plan, meals and all the other options they offer. Paradox of choice anyone?! However, having these options is good as it can reach a larger variety of customers.

Image courtesy of 360fitnessmeals.com

It’s definitely great for anyone wanting to create a consistent diet without having to worry about missing out on nutritious ingredients. It’s also a great value as you’re able to get some really low costs per meal and free shipping with most plans. Not only has this saved me money, but it’s saved me a massive amount of time! I’m not spending as much time or money at the grocery store. I’m also not spending time preparing food or cleaning up. Now, I have more time for the things that are important to me. 360 Fitness Meals even gives you an estimation for how much time you spend as a meal prepper a week. Imagine cooking multiple meals per week and the time exponentially rises!

Get Your Very Own “Fit Pack”!

I’m currently enrolled in the “Monthly Fit Pack” which means I get meals delivered every week for the entire month! Every week, they will come out with around 24+ different meals to choose from. Dishes will rotate in and out of this weekly selection, guaranteeing that you never get bored. You’re able to customize your portion sizes as well as select other specifics such as type of sauce, rice etc. After you select your meals, you choose your delivery day and order away!

Overall, I really just love 360 Fitness Meals and what they’re trying to do here in Columbus, Ohio! Meal prepping doesn’t have to be a long drawn out and expensive ordeal. If you don’t mind shipping or live in the Columbus area, I implore you to give them a try! Take back your time today! And if you do choose to give them a try, let them know that I sent you. Now, have you used a meal subscription service before? What about meal kits? What were your favorites and least favorites? Send me a DM on instagram to chat with me. I always like making new friends!

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