Hey, it’s Cho, and it’s been awhile. Amid all the crises occurring globally and locally, I just want to wish everyone peace, fortitude and patience. Times are strange, but the best way to survive is by taking care of yourself, your household and your community at large. If everyone does that, we should be fine, right? One thing I’m especially taking good care of is my skin! Developing a successful skincare routine that works for me has been one of the highlights of 2020. Feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin which has led to higher levels of communication in both business and interpersonal relationships. In today’s post, I’ll introduce you to my go-to skincare brand, Paula’s Choice, as well as why a simple yet effective skincare routine is paramount to your success.

Why Paula’s Choice is the Optimal Choice

I was first introduced to the Paula’s Choice skincare brand by one of my best friends, Kai! I’ve always envied her youthful skin, and she finally told me that she was using PC’s 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant. Like most people who try it, this ended up being my gateway product into the wonderful realm of Paula’s Choice! Upon further investigation, I discovered that PC’s philosophy aligned extremely close to mine! Here are my top 5 reasons why YOU should consider giving them a try:

  1. They focus on formulas & ingredients verified by extensive scientific research, not just what’s trending on Tiktok.
  2. The lack of fragrance in their products means your skin won’t become irritated due to unnecessary ingredients.
  3. Multi-faceted formulas that perform multiple tasks for your skin leads to having to buy less products overall.
  4. As a cruelty-free company, you can rest assured that no animals are ever tested on.
  5. They believe in always operating from an environmentally conscious point of view.

After only a week and a half of using the 2% BHA, I was shaken, stirred and on the rocks! I had discovered such dramatic results in less than 2 weeks which caused me to really evaluate my skincare routine. No, I wasn’t as bad as some guys who still use bar soap on their face. Yes, I did use a certain fruit scrub that probably did more harm than good. Outside of that, I used an SPF moisturizer that unbeknownst to me was breaking my face out for years. Oops! Time flies when you’re ruining your face, huh? I had realized that my previous skincare routine was pretty bare bones and nearly nonexistent.

What Makes A Skincare Routine?

With the world falling apart around me, I decided that the one thing I could take complete control of was my skincare routine. The Paula’s Choice website was great at providing scientific information about their product effectiveness in an easily digestible way, but I still went to some of my favorite youtubers (hi Hyram and Dr. Anthony Youn) to verify my research. I came to the conclusion that having an AM and PM routine comprised of cleansing, exfoliating, treating and moisturizing my skin would ensure the proper nutrients and protection for sustained health. Not only that, my skin would just look GOOD!

Obviously, I know what you all came here for: my skincare routine! I get so many compliments in person and online on how great my skin looks. I blame part of this on good genes, but I also credit a large portion to the skin care routine that I’ve developed since February of 2020! As a disclaimer, I am not a dermatologist nor am I a skincare expert. I’m just a random guy on the internet that lucked into finding products that work for my skin type. I’ll save most of the heavy skincare education for a later post, but without further ado, here is my routine!

The Morning Routine

I cherish my mornings in bed. I literally set 8 alarms the night before, and without fail, I snooze every single one of them. That can’t just be me, can it?! I do 4 steps that takes approximately 5 to 7 minutes for me to complete. Considering the time crunch I’m always in, this is crucial. NOTE: during the winter, I have a very simple routine. I rinse my face with warm water and apply sunscreen spf. Because of my mostly dry skin type, cleansing twice a day would be too stripping for my face.

The Nightly Routine

I’m sitting at my desk typing this blog post at 3AM in the morning. We can argue all day about whether this is healthy or not, but I’ve always been a night owl that thrived on being productive late at night. So sue me. That being said, I have stuff to do early in the morning. After a long night of streaming or blogging, the last thing I want to do is worry about a 30-minute routine. Similarly to the morning, I keep things simple with just a few steps.

  • CLEANSE – I once again start with this step, mostly using PC’s Gel-To-Foam Cleanser, because it’s gentler and soothing. During the winter, I go for the Herbivore’s Pink Cloud Rosewater +Tremella Creamy Cleanser ($24), because it has a lot more hydrating properties during a time where my skin is craving moisture.
  • EXFOLIATE – I originally started using the Paula’s Choice Resist 10% AHA Serum daily, but once my sensitive skin started purging, I realized that I was over-exfoliating my face. Don’t make that same mistake. Incorporate new products slowly. Now, I only use this once a week on Sunday to “jump start” the exfoliating process for the week.
  • TREAT – This time, I go for the Paula’s Choice 15% Vitamin C Booster. This comes formulated with vitamin E as well as ferulic acid which is going to help with brightening skin as well as extra protection against environmental damage.
  • MOISTURIZE – Lastly, I finish off with the Paula’s Choice Resist Anti Aging Clear Skin Hydrator. This lightweight moisturizer doesn’t clog pores yet leaves your skin feeling supple and hydrated. It has small amounts of both vitamin C and niacinamide to help compound the positive effects of my treatments listed above. During winter, I switch to the  Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Moisturizer ($35).

Final Disclaimers

And there you have it. This is my routine. This is my face. I exposed myself! A few more important disclaimers before signing off. It’s so so SO important that you find out what your skin type is! There are simple ways to do this, but I recommend that you prioritize this part of your skincare journey first. Sometimes, well-formulated products will prove ineffective if they’re not for your skin type. Lastly, while I would love for you to use my affiliate links to purchase your products, please do check the prices on PC’s website to ensure you’re getting the best deal! Using my affiliate links above is a free way for you to support me monetarily, and I appreciate you for doing so! What are your plans for your routine moving forward? What do you think about my routine? Do you still have questions about how to get started? Let me know all your thoughts on Instagram!

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