Hey, It’s Cho, and I’m excited to chat about about some breaking news: personal hydration! Yes, I know this topic is actually pretty boring. However, if you aren’t drinking enough water, then you’re pretty fucking stupid. I’m sure there’s something in Blogging 101 that says not to insult your readers in the first paragraph. I should ask my mentor and auntie Tamara about this. I’ve been pretty stupid most of my life so in a way this should soften the insult? Anyway, despite studying Nutrition in college, I still struggled at getting the right amount of hydration every day. That was until that fateful day…

The Time My Coworker Destroyed An Heirloom

If you’ve been reading from the start of my blog, always be prepared for a story time with every post. There’s always a dramatic story involved with me even about the most mundane things in life like water bottles! Being this dramatic is truly a talent. Imagine your great grandmother gives you this rinky dink water bottle and ends up passing away months later from cancer. Fuck cancer by the way. She had gotten it for free at some nursing facility. Now normally, I would get rid of a gift like this. It wasn’t very eye catching or fun to use, but it was still special, because she gave it to me. I’m sure you can relate. I even bought these Paw Patrol stickers for my niece to stick them on my water bottle thus increasing its special attribute by +10 points! Yep, that was an RPG pun.

So I’m at work one day, and I decided to place my empty water bottle in the dish sink where I planned to wash it myself. As fate would have it, my coworker ended up getting to it first. Being the diligent hardworking boss that she is, she took care of business and washed my water bottle. Probably 5 minutes later, she comes to me with my melted deformed water bottle in hand! Who would have thought that my flimsy plastic water bottle wouldn’t last a few seconds in an industrial grade dishwasher?! It was quite the melted monstrosity.

This .99 cent water bottle with the faded paw patrol stickers from a nursing center was basically a rare heirloom at this point. Everyone felt horrible for me in that moment! But honestly, this was the perfect excuse for me to get a new water bottle without feeling guilty. Someone else got rid of it for me! I had had my eyes on another water bottle for quite some time so I would just buy it for myself. Funny how your unconscious energy can force situations like this into existence, huh? Even though I was planning to whip out my new wallet and just buy a new one, another friend at work felt so bad that he insisted on buying me a replacement. I’ve never been one to turn down a gift, so I obliged and am now the proud owner of my very own Iron Flask water bottle!

Why You Obviously Need An Iron Flask!

  • Icy beverages remain cold for up to 24 hours
  • Hot beverages preserve their temperatures for up to 12 hours
  • Stainless steel & double-walled vacuum technology provide durability and reliability
  • Powder coat finishing allows them to have a great look and grip feel
  • Life time warranty means the company has confidence in ensuring that you’re satisfied

I can’t stress enough how transformative having this product has been for me. Iron Flask as a company has a massive commitment to hydration through their social media profiles, and it translates to a product that really does help you to drink more fluids throughout the day. I fill up my water bottle with ice in the morning, and no matter where I am or what I’m doing for the next 24 hours, I will have a highly refreshing sip of water at hand. Think of the places where the last thing you want is lukewarm water: the gym, your car, grocery shopping, the workplace or any outdoor activity such as biking, hiking etc. I’m also drinking more tea during the cooler days without the need of having to always boil hot water. This product would be great for all you overnight campers too!

Have You Drank Water Today?

The last thing I want to remind you of is the benefits of proper water hydration. Don’t be a dummy. Everyone wants good skin, increased physical performance, better chances of losing weight, higher levels of brain function and a host of better bodily functions! I won’t go all Biochemistry Cho on you but trust me when I say you need water for your body to operate at its best! The recommended level of water consumption is generally 64 ounces a day which is no problem with the Iron Flask. You can buy the Iron Flask here for as little as $20 bucks! They even make great gifts. Look at all the different colors and sizes. Which is your favorite? I currently have the Marble, but I’m looking to maybe buy another one. Which color should I choose? Give me your feedback here on instagram to let me know your thoughts!

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