Love Collective Podcast

Millennial Dating and Relationship Advice

With Lisa and Cho

What Is Love Collective Podcast All About?

Helping you navigate all your different relationships.

Your hosts are Lisa Wilmore, couples therapist and expert on millennial relationships and Cho, a Twitch Streamer and social media guru. They are two old friends chatting about life, love, and millennial mentality. This show offers interviews with guest experts in the field of love and romance with the unique millennial perspective which highlights a spirit of defining love on your own terms.”

Love Collective Podcast Topics

Guessing and Defining Millennial Dating Terms

Ya’ll know about Catfishing and Ghosting right? But have you heard about the latest millennial dating terms? … Listen in to hear about Kittenfishing and more.

Relationship OCD and What It All Means

Relationship OCD… It’s not a ‘real’ diagnosable condition or anything, but it’s an interesting idea out there that relates to modern dating culture.

Dating Apps and Finding Your Dating Blind Spot

With our special guest, we tackle dating apps, finding time to date while traveling, and much more.

Balancing Hustling, Career, and Dating

How to find the time to grow your career while focusing on dating.

About Lisa

I love my work as a Couples, Marriage, and Family therapist. Helping people, and their most significant “others” connect on a deeper level is a pretty great privilege. When I’m not working, I’m getting into trouble in the mountains or chatting with Cho about the newest millenial dating terms!

About Cho

When I’m not on social media chatting away, I’m focused on producing some form of entertainment for my viewers. From creating episode recaps of the cult classic reality show, Survivor, blogging about healthy skincare routines, to whispering into my microphone to produce ASMR content for relaxation, I’m always creating value for others.  

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