Hey, it’s Cho, and hopefully this post finds you living well as we slowly emerge from quarantine! First, I want to thank everyone for the massive support I received on my first blog post where I reviewed Youth to the People’s Superfood Cleanser. Special shout out to the readers over at TamaraTattles.com where I’m a guest contributor for the Survivor column. My friends over there have helped to shape me into the blogger that I am today! it feels good to be accomplishing the goals that I set for myself when it comes to blogging. Outside of my own drive and determination, I have you. That’s right, I have YOU to thank for the early success of this blog!

Just Be Nice

One day early in March, I had a customer walk into the restaurant for his usual takeout of turkey meatloaf. He’s a genial guy who I look forward to seeing often. His cheerfulness, kindness and willingness to have friendly banter with me always comes at the right time when I want nothing more than to run away and play video games! Actually, I have been spending a lot of time tending to my gardens in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Would totes recommend, but that’s a separate post! Suffice to say, if you work in the hospitality industry, you know exactly how important customers are who brighten your day! And if you don’t work in hospitality, I implore you to be extra nice to the staff the next time you visit a hotel or restaurant.

Anyway, I go to check this guy out for his meatloaf, and he pulls out what I can only describe as the coolest wallet I have ever seen in my entire life. Simple. Effortless. Slim. Minimal, yet very extra all at the same time?! To be honest, these are all adjectives that describe me. It was also metal for crying out loud, and just like with getting new credit cards, you have to account for flex value when something comes in metal! This regular customer of mine is already super cool, but now, his cool level is over 9,000! Never one to shy away from asking questions, I immediately interrogate him about his wallet: where did he get it, why did he get it and where can I buy one?! He finally tells me what it is: The Ridge Wallet!

The Ridge Wallet: A Modern Aesthetic

Simply put, The Ridge Wallet is a minimalist wallet that holds up to 12 cards. Every guy has had that bi or tri-fold wallet that ends up feeling more like a suit case and less like a wallet over time. Because you have the space, you end up shoving more and more useless items into it. Even more, sitting on that traditional wallet can cause bodily issues over a period of time. With The Ridge, you can safely put it in your front pocket without creating an uncomfortable bulge.

You’d think 12 cards would be enough, but I actually had to pare down what I transferred from my old wallet to my Ridge. I promise you it’s a great exercise in minimalism that you will feel better about long term. Suffice to say, I haven’t used any of the cards that used to be in my old wallet.

In terms of selection, they have aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium as different models. While the latter two are probably fantastic products, I went with their flagship aluminum wallet. Not only was it cheaper, but I was able to choose from a vast number of color options. I’ve never been into pink before, but the Rose Gold immediately drew me in. The striking color really shows up well and isn’t as feminine as you’d think first glance. This is especially the case as you view it from different angles in light. Sometimes it shines with a bright gold sheen while others, you get a muted metallic pink. If you’re not into rose gold, there’s definitely a plethora of color options for you!

You also have the choice between a money strap or a money clip that is easily attached to the back of your wallet. I don’t typically carry money on me regardless, so that decision didn’t weight too heavily on me. The money clips serves me old money where as the strap is serving modern sleekness. I definitely don’t have old money so I went with the latter! Also included are screws and a tool in case you want to break the wallet a part. Why you’d want to do this, I don’t know. However, this product is geared towards technophiles, so there’s that!

Minimalist Without Being Limiting

While The Ridge is minimalist in design, it really does maximize the value you get from using it.The Ridge features a small half circle at the bottom where you push your cards up and pinch the bottom. This flares your cards out in such a way where you see the top three and are able to easily select your desired card. When you’re done, just put the card back in place with no fear of stretching the elastic out. Admittedly, this took some getting used to, but after 3 days, I was a PRO HERO! While weird at first, you’ll never fumble for your credit card again while in line at the grocery store. Additionally, this wallet has RFID-blocking technology which is great to protect against potential fraud and identity theft.

So many people have inquired about my wallet over the last month that I simply had to share it with you all at home. This product is for anyone that has a traditional wallet but has a desire to pare things down in a stylish way. I also can see women using it as a way to simplify and organize their credit cards within their purse. The rugged and military grade materials used to construct the wallet allows them to have a life-time warranty which makes this a risk-free purchase in my eyes. While it doesn’t have the $100+ price tag of a designer wallet, it’s also not cheap coming in at a middle-ground price of $80 which is more than worth it to me. What do you think about this minimalist product? Stop carrying a bunch of junk in your wallet and upgrade today! Let me know what you think over on twitter and instagram!

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