Hey, it’s Cho and this is my FIRST blog post on my brand new website! Whether it’s on Youtube or Twitch, my online content creation has always been about sharing value with others and having fun while we do it. I’ve dedicated this blog to reviewing products, services and establishments that I find could potentially have value in your life. Before getting into to the thick of things, it’s important that I share with you my web developer (Miles Franklin) as well as my two graphic designers (Blake Galloway & Tayo). I also occasionally request the magic of a photographer named Spencer who helps to make me look nice! They’ve all been instrumental in the way that I brand myself online, and I encourage you all to seek these entrepreneurs out for your own needs! If there’s anything you’d like me to review, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

So let’s also get the other elephant out of the room. Miss Rona has had her foot on all of our necks for over a month now! These are very unsettling times, and I’m currently having a huge amount of dissonance over it all. Either my colleagues are suffering major losses in business or my friends are sitting bored at home. It’s truly feast or famine out here! I, on the other hand, haven’t faced much change at all. I’m working full-time as the general manager of a restaurant ensuring that people have a convenient option for their families. We are endeavoring to support our community as much as possible in the way of donating to homeless shelters and providing free meals to those who have been laid off.

How to Survive the Covid-19 Quarantine

  1. Take deep breaths: try to stay present and don’t overly concern yourself with things that are not in your control.
  2. Exercise: both indoor and outdoor exercise will help you to stay active and give you a sense of accomplishment
  3. Only consume news that’s necessary: the news will only get you riled up, especially national news. Monitor how much fear mongering is being poured into your brain.
  4. Invest in your community: donate time or money to programs that help with relief & prevention efforts.
  5. Invest in yourself: if you have the means to, definitely invest in the stock market. Take an online course to gain new skills. Read more books. Watch more documentaries. Take more notice of your health.

Investing in Yourself

How’s this for a beauty shot?!

Besides investing in ETF dividend stocks, I am also investing in myself by keeping my beauty regimen on point! No, seriously. When you look better, you do better. When you do better, you perform better. And when you perform better, you grab coins like Mario! It’s that simple y’all. Despite my lifestyle not changing, there are a lot of outside forces that are tempting me to stress out, and I refuse to let them! 

I discovered Youth to the People’s Superfood Cleanser about a month ago, and I can’t imagine my skincare routine without it! This cleanser is made for daily use and is formulated with cold-pressed antioxidants such as kale, spinach and green tea. Imagine you’re in college and chugging a 12oz pint of beer on St Patty’s Day. Well, it’s like that. Except instead of beer, it’s a 12oz kale smoothie for your face! Hmm, I don’t know about you, but the 12oz pint of beer doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now!  

Is this the Best Daily Face Wash for You?

What are some of the benefits you might be wondering? What I really like about this cleanser is that it’s powerful enough to easily wash off makeup yet gentle enough to be used multiple times a day. It will balance your pH levels yet won’t overly dry your face out. It also removes buildup in your pores which leaves your face feeling refreshed & healthy! The packaging, like its ingredients, are simple, environmentally friendly and transparent. 

Overall, this is a staple product for anyone looking to round out their foundation of skin care products. Youth to the People has awesome branding, and I’m actually looking forward to trying out some of their other products. Considering I used to buy all my skincare products at the drugstore, the $36 retail price gave me sticker shock! After using the product and seeing its massive results after only a week of use, I definitely don’t regret my purchase. So I implore you, do what’s right for your face and start using the best daily face wash on the market!

In your opinion, what’s a must-have skincare product that you absolutely swear by? Be sure to let me know your thoughts on instagram or twitter!

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