Hey, it’s Cho, and I’m here to let you know about a variety of products that could help you make money in the digital space! Miss Rona has been a busy busy girl in 2020, and I don’t see her taking a vacation anytime soon. We’ve seen a lot of businesses fail, but we’ve also seen the emergence of online retail surge in profitability. There’s so many hobbies like live-streaming, creating a youtube channel, coaching, blogging and product-flipping that have taken off and become people’s main income. This is especially during a time where traditional jobs have been hit so hard! Brick-and-mortars are shutting their doors, and people are being laid off. There’s no better time than now to develop a side hustle!

I’ve always recommended people have more than one stream of income outside of their main job. The more, the better! This type of financial independence and fluidity ensures that you are able to transition and pivot during times of uncertainty. I won’t turn this specific post into a financial literacy one though I could talk about this for many hours but I’ve begun to build several streams of income outside of my main job. These include affiliate marketing, online ads, investing in dividend stocks and live-streaming on Twitch. Basically, the hobbies that I’ve created for myself online have begun to make me money. Today, I want to share with you the products I use to make that happen! Note, this is NOT meant to be an in-depth guide on any of the following activities or products. I can save that for another post! It’s simply an exhaustive list of all the equipment that helps me to get the job done!

Cho, the “Bloggy Boy”

As I said in my debut blog post, Miles is the genius behind developing my website. I’m not exactly the most tech-savvy person so I took advice from an expert! He created a WordPress website for me and recommended that I use Siteground for all of my hosting needs. What I like the most about Siteground is their competitive pricing. They have 3 tiers of services that are very manageable no matter what level of creating your online business you’re at. I went with the middle tier, because I do expect to see some growth over the next year of operations. In addition, my tier offers the ability to add collaborators which is great for those creators like me who operate & manage their websites with a team.

There’s a lot of other tools and services that I use to optimize my website. They’re all absolutely free btw, but that would deserve a post of its own! If you’re interested in building your own website and choose to go with Siteground, I’d love for you to use my referral link above! And if you need help developing a website, be sure to contact Miles! I would actually say that a website is probably the most reliable source of income for a side hustle, so think about it for yourself long term!

Live-Streaming Video Games

While it seems like live-streaming video games is something that anyone could do, there’s actually a lot of invisible barriers to entry. You don’t exactly need high tech equipment to get into the streaming space, but not having a quality stream for your audience will lead to very low viewership making it near impossible to monetize. I stream most of my games from PC, but on the occasion where I need to stream from a console, I always go with the Elgato HD60S Capture Card ($174.95). Elgato has been in the game for awhile now, and they have a long track record of excellence. In terms of other equipment, here is what I use for my streams:

It’s important to note that you need more than decent equipment in order to stream on youtube or Twitch. You also need a good internet connection which I struggle to maintain LOL as well. What products and services you have available to you depends on your area, but it’s recommended that you have at least a 3-6 MBPS internet speed for live-streaming. Check out my twitch page to learn more about what I do on that platform. Surprisingly, Twitch has been my most profitable side hustle. If you have the personality, there’s definitely money to be made on this platform!

Youtube & Instagram

My instagram account has quickly become my FAVORITE social media platform because of how easy it is to engage with my community! I post pictures of my dogs (the most important thing ever), skincare products, selfies and videos of me unboxing a variety of products. Definitely check out my account if you haven’t already. The following equipment is used for both instagram and Youtube ASMR videos:


Last but not least is The Love Collective Podcast that I host with my lovely best friend, Lisa. Be sure to go follow her Instagram if you’d like to see her climb mountains in her spare time. No really, she’s the most casual bad ass you’d ever meet! I will admit that Lisa is the backbone behind the production that is our podcast. She does all of the editing from GarageBand and uses PodBean as our main hosting site. Similarly to Siteground, I love PodBean because of the competitive tiered services they offer. Depending on your needs and where you are in terms of growth, you could start your podcast completely for free!

If you’d like to see me do a more in-depth review of any of the products I listed today, please let me know! I chose some products that were on the high-end side for a reason while I chose other products that I knew I could get for cheaper. While I would love for you to use the above affiliate links to purchase your products, please do check the prices on other sites to ensure you’re getting the best deal before purchasing! Using my affiliate links above is a FREE way for you to support me monetarily, and I appreciate you for doing so! What tech equipment do you use for your side hustle? Any spots in my equipment where you think I should upgrade? Hit me up on any of my social media platforms! Twitter or Instagram!

p.s. Are you interested in building your very own online business centered around content creation? My friend, Supal Desai, just debuted a new platform that encourages you to do just that through detailed courses, one-on-one mentorship and more! For more information, visit her instagram page or website!

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