Hey, it’s Cho, and I’m coming at you today with a quick 20/20 vision Warby Parker review! Yes, you’ve seen the eye-catching ads both online and on TV. And yes, you’ve definitely visited one of their chic brick-and-mortar locations if you live near a big city. I’d like to think I’m a fashionable person, so I thought trying Warby Parker would be a great fit for me. You might be thinking that designer prescription glasses would be really expensive, but they’re not! While you can find cheaper frames elsewhere, you get designer quality at a massive value with my homeboy Warby.

My Experience with Warby Parker

After finally opening up a physical location in Columbus, Ohio, I stopped in Warby Parker earlier this year to see what all the craze was about. I was immediately in awe at how nice the interior was. Organized, clean and comfortable are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking about my first few visits there. The frames themselves are absolutely beautiful and come in a full range of styles, shapes and colors. There’s just no way you can leave with a pair of frames and NOT feel like an absolute rock star. I also learned through their associates how socially conscious they were. They endeavor to give back to the community in a lot of ways such as donating glasses, providing access to eye care and working with organizations to help those in poverty.

I decided on purchasing 2 pairs just in case I lost or broke a pair. Have I ever lost or broken a pair of glasses in my entire life? No, but, I just couldn’t resist the impulsive nature of buying things for the sake of fashion you can never prepare enough for an emergency, right? I was immediately drawn to the Hughes in Fig Tortoie ($95). This every day pair is serving you a classic pattern but in an interesting frame and color. When the light hits you juuust right, you can see the bright purple tones shine through! However, I had to pick another pair that caught my eye: The Hawthorne ($195). They don’t seem to carry the steel metal color, but they still have it in black. This is definitely my “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” pair of glasses for when I want to make a statement. I usually wear this pair when I’m entertaining the girls on Twitch TV.

Customer Service Is Everything

The absolute best thing for me about Warby Parker is you guessed it: customer service. They definitely care about satisfying the customers and meeting their specific needs. Their associates are extremely professional yet somehow personal with the way they treat customers. I always left feeling as though my best friend had helped me pick out new frames. That sentiment of being taken care of by a trusted source is so important to feeling confident as a consumer. They give you their honest opinions on how you look in different frames, even if they look unflattering! You can also get your eyes examined there by a professional. I honestly felt so welcomed the Warby Parker family that I ended up also purchasing the Fletcher ($95) sunglasses just a few months ago! It’s truly a one-stop shop for all your eyewear.

Before I wrap up, I did want to recommend trying out their “Home Try-On” program. Essentially, they allow you to try on 5 different frames that they will send to your home to try on. They even give you a quiz to help with making recommendations. You send the frames back and let them know which pair you’d like. Easy, simple and all for free! While I can’t attest to this experience personally, I have several friends who have gotten great results from this program! So tell me, did you find this Warby Parker review helpful? Is there another brand that you absolutely swear by? Would you like to try on 5 different pairs of glasses for free?! I’d love to hear all of your comments over on Instagram here!

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