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Watch Cho eat foods and hear his opinions on new and exciting meals. 



Let Cho help you relax, study, or sleep with calming ASMR videos. 

Stitch Fix Unboxings

Want to improve your fashion? Cho reviews the best from Stitch Fix.

What does Cho do on YouTube?

mukbangs, ASMR storytimes, and Stitch Fix Unboxings!

I started youtube in September of 2018 as yet another way to connect to my audience across various platforms. Entertainment had always been the focus of my content, but I wanted youtube to be a little different. I had already learned first hand of the many benefits that ASMR had to offer because it helped me to cease struggling to fall asleep. Sleeping is something we all have to do, and lack of sleep is a problem that many people face. My YouTube channel is meant to promote helpful sleeping habits by aiding in relaxation.

What Fun Awaits on YouTube?

ASMR Chit Chat | Unboxing A Surprise Package + Crinkly Tingles For Falling Asleep FAST!

I was so happy to do this unboxing video on the fly and was super impressed by what I found on the inside! I definitely plan on using these items in future videos!

ASMR | Playing With Powerful Crystals + Whispering Advice

I was really excited to reconfigure my crystal grid for personal reasons related to manifesting my goals in real life. However, I thought it would be a cool & quirky video to share in the style of ASMR.

How ASMR Works

What is ASMR?

Say it slowly: A.S.M.R. It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which is a response from your brain that causes a euphoric reaction to certain sound or vision. I’ve been listening to these types of videos for over a year now for various purposes such as relaxing, focusing on tasks and falling asleep. 


How It Works

ASMR can be experienced by several different stimuli that can cause triggers. These triggers cause the sensation of something we call “tingles” which is when you feel an increased sensitivity over the skin similar to that of a mild tickle. This causes a heightened sense of relaxation and can even help you fall asleep.

Why You Should Try It

I have personally been helped by ASMR and think it’s worth recommending to friends and family.  ASMR can help with decreasing the effects of insomnia by falling asleep faster, relaxing the mind by reducing anxiety, and easing the symptoms of depression and/or chronic pain.

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